I tend to air on the side of playing things safe ;)

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However, I have come to the realization that each day we are one day closer to death and I for one to not want to live a life of holding back. I want to live a fulfilling life. One where I can say I was true, I was authentic, I pushed myself, and I loved loudly. So here I am, doing something that is kind of uncomfortable: writing and being vulnerable for my many many subscribers. Just kidding haha. Still scary to put my feelings on the internet, even if no one sees them.


Having this kind of lifestyle allows me to be absolutely anything I want to be, to handle any struggle that life throws at me or my community

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Relying on ancestral values allow me to stay rooted, grounded, faithful, and expansive: I get to be with the past, the present and the future at the same time, I can be so far away and yet so intimately close. I can be space, I can be warmth, I can be healing, cleansing, protective, amplifying…


Instead of having a busy life, you can have a fulfilling one

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What Slow Living is not is slowing down to a snail’s pace that isn’t productive in today’s fast-paced world. Slow living is a mindset. It is slowing down enough to go through your day with purpose.


We spend half of our life accumulating things and half of it trying to get rid of stuff

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I think back to those dorm room days long ago and the simple life I had then. The only time I feel that way now is when I hiked and had to to live with just a backpack for a week. Or drove across Canada on a motorbike using only what I carried with me. Staying in a commune for a week when I turned 50. Life doesn’t need to be so complicated. We don’t need more storage solutions or even more storage spaces. This is such a big business now. What we need is less stuff. We all know that feeling of excitement and joy when we buy something new. A dress, A new car. New furniture. But in time the feeling fades and we are not so enamored with our things. Ultimately things can’t make us happy. The peace we seek is elsewhere.


Lifestyle is the vast category on Instagram that allows bloggers to inspire global audiences with varieties of topics such as travel, home, food, family, beauty and fashion

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They can easily appeal to diverse audiences by sharing content mostly related to their work, routine, interests or everyday life; audiences find it more genuine and relatable.


Facing a deadly illness showed me that I had become unaware of what my lifestyle was doing to my health

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I discovered that healing from an illness is like fitting pieces of a puzzle together, one-by-one.


There really is nothing wrong with flipping the script, shaking things up, even just plain old-fashioned starting over

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Part of me thought I would have more figured out by this point in my life.  Part of me knew I wouldn’t.  The part of me that knew I wouldn’t is probably the wiser part of me to be honest with you.  What I have figured out over the last four decades though is that if you are doing life right you really never stop learning, evolving, growing and yes, even changing.  I think where the wisdom of age comes in is getting better at recognizing when it’s time to move on and from something, someone or even from an older outdated version of yourself that is no longer serving you and begin to chase after the life you really want.