To Room or Not to Room With

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I was walking around Target on Saturday night and I truly screamed when I saw that there were already back-to-school supplies out (I mean, come on, it was still frickin’ June). But then, it got me thinking about all the green, young & excited people about to go to college for the first time. 

I also have no idea how I’ve been out of college for over two years now

Living alone isn’t always in the budget, believe me, it still isn’t for me. That being said, most will have a roommate or two or a few. There are so many incredible benefits to living with another person or group of people. A lot of people will actually interview their future roomies because, you know, this person is going to see your dirty laundry, literally

It’s so important to learn as much as possible about your future roommate…

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VIP 1 on 1 Lifestyle Mentorship

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Jessica Clerke

Are you stuck and looking for a change in lifestyle?
Creating a healthy lifestyle is hard work! When I announced my boss babe mentorship last week I had a lot of people reach out for the support but weren’t interested in the coaching opportunity.
That’s when I realized there was a big need for community and support on this journey. People want to achieve their goals but it’s so stinking hard to stay on track, especially when no one is holding you accountable. This is my chance to guide a few ladies into their journey over the month of February.

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This program is going to be a 1 on 1 mentorship with me from February 1st-28th. I’ve supported a lot of people on their health and fitness journey but this is my first time digging deeper and taking the time to help you 1 on 1. I’ll be doing daily check-ins…

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