Embracing My Inner Gypsy

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gypsy2 (Yes, those are totally my abs.)

I was talking to a girl friend about a guy friend the other day.  She wanted details, as in:  is there any potential for this “friend” to become something more.

“I don’t know,” I said.  I explained that he’s moved around a lot and seems to have an explorer’s heart.  “I like him, but I think he’s kind of a gypsy.”

“Well, you’re kind of a gypsy,” she said.
“No I’m not!”
But I backpedaled almost instantly:  “Well, not a geographical one anyway.”

Although I haven’t changed addresses all that often, I started thinking about all the things for which I’ve earned money (no matter how briefly) over the past 30 years.

In no particular order:
-business rep
-restaurant hostess
-aerobics instructor
-classroom teacher
-school food service worker
-swimming pool cleaner
-substitute teacher
-Easter Bunny
-vineyard worker
-house/pet sitter
-inventory “specialist”…

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I’ve been a bit lost.

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What Would Josie Do


It’s the 17th January. That marks 4 months of travelling and the last 3 weeks in Australia and oh my, I’ve been lording it. No more backpacks, cold showers and hostels. I have the most generous family looking after me; belly laughing evenings of delicious food, scrumptious cocktails and wine. I’ve seen some of my closest and long lost friends, my awesome little bro and getting to see their beautiful new worlds.

Everything has genuinely been relaxed, refreshed and happy. But. There’s a little monster on my shoulder and he is telling me that he is a bit lost.

Slipping back into these home comforts with a lighter frame of mind and smile beaming… I unexpectedly and slowly grew kind of anxious. I started to worry about running out of money, about not moving forward with life in relationships or careers, I started to grew really anxious about people…

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