To Room or Not to Room With

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I was walking around Target on Saturday night and I truly screamed when I saw that there were already back-to-school supplies out (I mean, come on, it was still frickin’ June). But then, it got me thinking about all the green, young & excited people about to go to college for the first time. 

I also have no idea how I’ve been out of college for over two years now

Living alone isn’t always in the budget, believe me, it still isn’t for me. That being said, most will have a roommate or two or a few. There are so many incredible benefits to living with another person or group of people. A lot of people will actually interview their future roomies because, you know, this person is going to see your dirty laundry, literally

It’s so important to learn as much as possible about your future roommate…

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Live like you’re retired…

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Working Hard on Hardly Working

After 18 months of researching, exploring and trying new things I have made a few discoveries I’d like to share:

  1. Discovering the things you love to do makes the heart grow fonder. I read StrengthFinders and took the test to find my top 5 strengths. On my top 5 list were input and learner. By allowing myself some time to learn new things everyday helps me feel better and become a happier person.
  2. Making new friends isn’t as hard as I thought. I went outside of my comfort zone and joined a local club that has so many fun options to meet people and try new things. There are a lot of people out there like you and me looking for new friendships and ways to spend time after retirement or even in pre-retirement.
  3. Exercise is essential to my well-being. I joined the Peloton craze and now can’t wait to…

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I did a boudoir shoot, it was more of a mini spontaneous I’m feeling myself decision. But nevertheless it was boudoir. When I thought of boudoir in the past it always made me feel “dirty”. As I grew older and more mature I looked at women who modeled in boudoir shoots as beautiful and powerful. There are some days when I can’t look at my naked body in the mirror and these women are strutting in their lingerie like it’s the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. These women were strong and all different body types and skin tones. Now that I have a partner who not only is a photographer but from time to time shoots boudoir I’ve gained an interest and would hope that some day I could do that too. And guess what, your girl got in front of that camera and worked. I honestly have never felt sexier…

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