How to be a happy cheapskate..

budget , self , family , survival

ummu alif ikhwan

Since I am a little kid, my parents teach us to be wise in spending…put yourself in a economic freedom and you can create a life that you like to..To be free in debt is not as easy as you think..especially when you have mouth to feed and you are a breadwinner in your  family.. I considered myself as a blessed single mommy since my late husband have provided enough saving for their kids although he was not here in this real life..He was a well-planned father that always think what best to his kids..and I am responsible to make sure what my love wish become true especially for his beloved sons..i want to list down what are things that I did to make sure i am not so burden with unnecessary debt ..

1) Identify your income, expense, saving and donation.

a. Sometimes we did not realize how much we have…

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